1 in 5

adults in the United States experiences a diagnosable mental health condition each year


of adults seek treatment due to significant barriers including high costs and a shortage of providers

The burden of untreated mental health conditions, in terms of human suffering and economic loss, is significant and rapidly growing. As mental health concerns continue to be exacerbated by the global pandemic, the cost to the global economy is expected to reach $16 trillion by 2030 (1). In the United States, one in five adults experiences some type of diagnosable mental health condition each year, amounting to nearly 47 million people (2). Unfortunately, only half of these individuals receive treatment due to significant barriers that exist in the current system, including high costs and a severe shortage of providers. In the US, only 30 psychologists exist per 100,000 people. Access to care is further complicated by the stigma associated with mental health, which frequently prevents people from seeking treatment even when it’s available.  In addition to many individuals not receiving treatment, rates of mental health conditions among adolescents and young adults have dramatically increased over the last decade. Rates of major depressive episodes have increased 63 percent among young adults age 18-25 years (3). Combined with recent efforts to de-stigmatize mental health, more individuals are beginning to seek resources to cope and benefit from treatment. 

An Accessible, Scalable Solution 

UnityPoint Health recognizes the critical role health systems play in finding solutions to overcome the challenges associated with mental health treatment. UnityPoint Health Ventures identified SilverCloud Health as a company that can extend the reach of clinicians and provide accessible, convenient options for mental health treatment. Investing in this solution directly benefits patients seeking treatment at UnityPoint Health facilities, and can work for many other health systems, expanding the impact of increased access to effective care across the nation.   

Investing financially and strategically in SilverCloud is a natural fit due to shared dedication to provide patients with a personalized experience that can be accessed when and where it works for them. SilverCloud is completely digital and empowers patients to take an active, self-guided role in managing their mental health. Patients can improve their overall well-being any time, on any device, and without the fear of stigma or having to wait for an appointment. 

SilverCloud Health offers a unique opportunity to impact outcomes through clinically validated programs. Over a decade of academic and clinical research related to online delivery of mental health services went into the design and development of SilverCloud’s programs. The digital platform uses self-guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy modules to help individuals manage symptoms related to depression, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, as well as the mental health aspects of living with a chronic condition. These programs are easily scaled, allowing a provider to deliver care to more patients and extend reach into remote and underserved areas that often experience the greatest challenges with access to treatment. SilverCloud’s  platform reduces barriers associated with provider shortageslimited accessibility, and stigma 

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