Our newest team member, Carly Correll, tells us a little bit about herself below. Carly recently joined our team as an Innovation Coordinator and will help support project teams in coordinating activities in long-term project life-cycles. 

Q: What roles did you serve in prior to becoming an Innovation Coordinator at UnityPoint Health?

  • After graduating with a Master of Health Administration from the University of Iowa, I spent nearly three years at a physician-owned multispecialty clinic, serving as an Administrative Fellow and then as a Special Projects Manager.During that time, I managed a virtual scribe program and created dashboards, developed workflows, and implemented new initiatives to improve operational performance.
  • Through managing the implementation and ongoing sustainability of the virtual scribe program, I learned my passion and greatest strengths lie in implementing and sustaining solutions that make a positive impact on healthcare professionals and patients and fundamentally change the way care is delivered.

Q: What drew you to the Innovation Coordinator role?

  • I wanted to be part of a team that works to find creative solutions to emerging problems. This requires a group that is hard-working and willing to challenge the status quo, and I knew very quickly after meeting that the Innovation team embodied exactly what I was looking for. My strengths and passions lined up with the role responsibilities, and I knew I would be challenged and afforded the opportunity to continuously grow.

Q: Do you have a favorite book, podcast or other resource related to Innovation and/or Venture Investing?

  • I’ve been Advisory Board obsessed for a couple years. I love the research and tools they provide and always read their Daily Briefing over the lunch hour.
  • I also love getting lost in articles from Modern Healthcare and Harvard Business Review.

Q: What inspires you – either at work or in your personal life?

  • One of my favorite sayings is ‘Work hard and be nice.’ It’s a simple but powerful statement. The most inspiring people I have encountered throughout my life are ones that work hard at something they care about while not losing sight of what matters most – the people behind it. In all that we do, I believe we must honor individuality, reinforce a larger purpose and positive impact, and give people the time and respect they deserve.

Q: What are your hobbies or personal interests?

  • Getting up early every morning and starting my day with a fitness class (and dragging my husband with me).
  • Exploring the outdoors (on paved trails, of course) with my husband and Walter, the cutest dog who has no time for mud or wet paws.
  • I love trying new healthy recipes from one of the many blogs I follow. I am a master muffin maker (of the dairy and gluten-free, no refined sugar variety).

Q: What are three words that describe you?

  • Half human, half coffee. (Just kidding – that’s four)
  • Committed, Persistent, Mindful