and UnityPoint Health Partner to Advance Care Delivery Through Virtual Care Platform 


More than ever before, healthcare consumers demand the same convenience and flexibility they receive from other customer-centric industries. Patients want options, convenient access, and quality care when and where it works for them. Health systems recognize the need to provide consumer-focused care solutions that act as strategic differentiators in a competitive healthcare landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for these types of solutions – especially digital ones – and exposed many consumers to their first telehealth experience. While telehealth has provided easier, more personal care for synchronous visits, challenges related to provider constraints still exist. In addition to a provider shortage, the time required to respond to high-complexity patients limits providers’ ability to extend their reach. UnityPoint Health’s digital strategy – supported by strategic investments made by UnityPoint Health Ventures – focuses on solutions that address the seemingly opposing challenges of providing personalized, convenient care while helping providers serve more patients. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, UnityPoint Health Ventures identified unmet needs in the form of provider resources restrictions and gaps within the telehealth consumer experience. COVID-19 simply amplified and exposed those challenges and made an investment in a company like even more of a strategic fit for our portfolio.

A best-in-class virtual care solution, aligns with UnityPoint Health’s strategic focus to improve and advance care delivery through disruptive innovation, allowing for better scaling of existing resources to meet consumer demand. serves as an additional tool in the virtual front door strategy though its AI-powered asynchronous virtual care platform. The Platform delivers patient navigation, triage, pre-visit interviews, and treatment of low-acuity conditions while seamlessly escalating patients with more serious conditions to a higher level of care.

This platform brings radical efficiency to care automation and acts as a critical entry point, streamlining care delivery across the care continuum. With it, patients can access care anywhere. For example, can allow a teacher to engage with their provider in a few minutes between classes, or a parent to reach out to their care team while waiting for their child’s sports practice to end. By supplementing clinician workflow, the platform automates 90 percent of a primary, urgent care, or video visit, saving providers’ valuable time. The result is unmatched convenience, extended provider capacity, and increased patient and provider satisfaction.  

UnityPoint Health Ventures is especially proud to invest in due to their ability to adapt to and grow in a rapidly shifting landscape, including a global pandemic. quickly unveiled a suite of products to help address challenges associated with the Covid-19 crisis. These solutions have been utilized by hospitals to screen patients for possible infection and identify when care needs to be escalated, saving providers thousands of care delivery hours. While the COVID-19 crisis has acted as a catalyst for virtual care, UnityPoint Health Ventures is confident will continue to drive care transformation and benefit stakeholders across the spectrum of care. 

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